• Features

    The current version of BRAINN is 2.5

Features of BRAINN®

Totally Visual and interactive

BRAINN® is a complete system for the evaluation and development of the talent of the professionals of your company that presents the results graphically, in the form of trees and global maps of talent, so that it is very easy for talent managers to understand how Talent is distributed and developed in your organization.

Cloud Driven

BRAINN® makes possible the integration of all the characteristic functions of a complete Talent Management system with its focus on the practical and effective development of it. The data is stored in dedicated servers in the cloud in the European Economic Area, scrupulously complying with current legislation on the protection of personal data and prepared for the next activation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

All functional capacities in a single version of BRAINN®

BRAINN® is not distributed based on independent functionalities modules, but all are contained in a single version. When they develop improvements or incorporate new features, they are distributed to customers at no additional cost. Each organization will decide if they want to use them or not depending on their type of activity, their size and the time they are in respect of Talent Management.

BRAINN® in companies

Currently, BRAINN® is managing the talent of companies in many different sectors of activity: Health, Hotels, Agri-food Industry, Aeronautics, Universities, Schools, Vocational Training Centers, Consulting, New Technologies, Construction, Foundations, Services …

Types of Evaluation


Basic Evaluation

Specific knowledge is evaluated for the person’s position, ability, attitude, performance and potential (k, H, A, R and P).


Advanced Evaluation

The key competences assigned to the person’s position are evaluated.


Basic and Advanced Evaluation (by competences)

The specific knowledge, skill, attitude, performance and potential of the person (k, H, A, R and P) and the professional competences assigned to the person’s position are evaluated.


Advanced Assessment (by competences and positioning)

The key competences assigned to the position, attitude and potential (A and P) of the person are evaluated.

BRAINN® assistance to our customers

Installation and parameterization of BRAINN®

The installation of BRAINN® in our clients is immediate after acquiring the license. The technical team of BRAINN® on the same day leaves the application parameterized and installed and useful for the use of our clients. The load of talent management models and historical data of the clients that want to transfer them to their BRAINN® is, likewise, immediate and will be assisted by the technical support team of BRAINN® who will direct the transfer operation via connection with the systems of customer information or by custom loading.

User documentation

BRAINN® has a wide range of user manuals online, specifically oriented to the help of the different user profiles that use the application: development managers (evaluators), people in development (evaluated), supervisors of individual development plans (PDI), HR managers who manage the model of the talent management of the company, etc. These manuals are very easy to read and are accompanied by images of screens that represent how to operate in each of the functions that the user should use and need to consult. In addition to these manuals, also online, BRAINN® has a complete glossary to facilitate the understanding of the operations and functions of talent management.

Technical assistance

The license to use BRAINN® is accompanied by a permanent technical assistance service so that those responsible for managing talent management in organizations can consult any doubt, incidence or improvement on talent management in their organization.

Training and consulting

At the beginning of the BRAINN® installation in any of our clients, a practical workshop on the use of the application is given to those responsible for managing it. Also, if requested by the organization, the BRAINN® consulting team will provide assistance and training to those responsible for the development of people, both to carry out the evaluation processes and to design or adjust the knowledge management model. In the organization.